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Welcome to an expert website on cross-border and organised crime, money-laundering and corruption: these issues are a concern of all jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies.


Upcoming: " The relativity of wrongdoing:
Corruption, organised crime, fraud and
money laundering in perspective"

Michael Woodiwiss wondered what the career of an independent researcher looks like. Difficult to determine as it is so obvious that it becomes almost a tautology. The introduction to the last colloquium volume elaborates the principle of moral relativity and points at the need of a more distant and relativist attitude of researchers.

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NEW: “The new Cross-border Crime Colloquium Volume is available. Chapters on greed and sleaze.”


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For those who have the impression that I am ALWAYS working, here an image of when I am with my grandsons. The mornings without my laptop.


And some work in the house that I still do mostly by myself.







Some of you know my home made bread. This is my hand powered flour mill, where I do my milling for over 35 years now.


My grandson Joost shows keen interest in a colloquium book. The serie is still expanding.

Cambridge Cross-border Crime Colloquium May 2013


New: Human dimensions in organised crime, money laundering and corruption

Back to human criminal size: an introduction (by Petrus C. van Duyne) The human size and supersize The old Greek sophist, Protagoras (490-420 BC) is attributed the aphorism: “Man is the measure of all things: of things which are, that they are, and of things which are not, that they are not”. At first sight this looks over-obvious. read more

New: Corruption policy in Serbia

The first empirical research on corruption in Serbia. The researchers analysed how the law enforcement agencies handle corruption cases. They concluded that the prosecution and courts acting without policy do not function better than a random box. In addition, the researchers found no sign of a sense of urgency to combat this serious problem. Addressing the question: “Who does it and who cares” they had to conclude “Many do and few care”. To appear in January”.

Childrens stories

As a granfather, I began writing children's stories for my two gransons Hugo and Joost. I will share the first little story here with you.